Nothing is better then building a business with friends

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dōTERRA offers an amazing business opportunity. I've built to a Silver leadership rank, part time, choosing my hours around my babies.

It has an extremely low start up fee - no more than a good lunch and by sharing these amazing oils you can earn commissions and bonuses.

Whether you want to make a bit of extra cash or have a full blown business, dōTERRA has products that sell themselves and will simply give you the joy of sharing something which enriches peoples lives.

I'm looking for like minded, genuine souls to build my business with. You can start your business for as little as $35/£20 This gives you 25% off retail prices for a year, a website with dōTERRA that you can direct your customers to, and ME! - to support you on your journey.

I'm all about transparency, friendships and support. There's no rush to make any sort of decision and I'm here if you're interested and want to talk.

Regardless of whether you want to just use oils, or to share and build, it's all in your hands, just like your health. I want to empower you with tools.

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