I'm so happy you are here.

Hmm... What do people want to hear about me?

 ❤️ I'm a Mama of 2 fabulous sons, a baby daughter and I'm married to a wonderful man - Jon 

 🌲 A Brit living in the US,  I love plants - I was a weird kid who spent hours growing and drying herbs and making potions!

 🎼 Worked as a singer until I had little ones and did a lot of traveling.

 🌿I studied herbal medicine for a while at the University of East London before we moved Stateside.

Several years ago, in my journey of parenthood and in pursuit of more natural ways of living - I found dōTERRA essential oils.

I now work hard to show people the benefits of these oils - as a viable compliment and sometimes alternative to conventional Western medicine.

Please stay connected with me on Facebook, Instagram and my blog. I love to write and share the musings of my heart and the ramblings of my mind 😊 

Love xXx